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Everything you write here is an accurate portrayal of Jewish tactics that they use against opponents in their arguments, particularly: " Bringing unrelated subjects into discussions of circumcision is an attempt to center the discussion on Jewishness, rather than survivors. In discussions of circumcision, I have seen Jewish people bring up unrelated stories about antisemitism, the Holocaust, and even the Biblical story of Exodus as tools to center discussions on themselves rather than listen to the stories of survivors."

That tactic is comparable to another tactic: ad hominem accusations.

My personal opinion on why the Jews defend circumcision and attack opposition to it: Subconsciously, they themselves have been victimized by their own circumcision.

In his book, The Controversy of Zion, Douglas Reed, states, Page 6, 5th Paragraph: "The little tribe in the south, Judah, became identified with the landless tribe, that of the Levites. These hereditary priests, ...were the true fathers of Judaism." Reed goes on further in his book to illustrate how the tribe of Judah was enslaved by the Levites and that enslavement has lasted up until the present day. The circumcision of the Jews was and is essentially the Mark of the Beast, an instrument of control.

When the Jews aggressively defend circumcision, they are doing so because of their historical indoctrination and subjugation which has instructed them to do so.

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