One obvious truth, undeniable. If parents had to find a mohel to cut their sons, 99 percent would pass on it. So are stores that sell assault weapons Complicite in violence? No doctor has to do a circumcision. That's right, not any including students. Its simply an excuse to dodge blame.

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Who knew at 7 am I'd read such an idiotic article of nonsense. Pedophilia is a medical diagnosis. A psychiatric term in the DSM-5. It's NOT systemic anything. It's NOT even technically a crime. I'm sure y'all are freaking out now. Go try and find a crime on the books that says pedophilia anything let alone that it is a crime. You won't because pedophilia a diagnosis from a doctor where the individual has a primary or exclusively sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Sometimes one sex, sometimes both sexes. That's what it is. Someone can be sexually attracted to children and not even commit a crime. We don't arrest, prosecute and incarcerate because of someone's sick fantasies in their head, We arrest, prosecute and incarcerate when that attraction has led to a sexually abusive act, or worse. Further you can participate in a sexual act (still a crime) against children and NOT be diagnosed a pedophile. Many times child sexual abuse is a crime of convenience and that individual is primarily attracted to their adult peers . You don't get to appropriate that loaded term for your pseudoscience obsession.

Doctors performing the surgical procedure of a circumcision are not doing so because they have a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent boys (or ANY attraction to prepubescent boys). Same for doctors that don't participate in them. Ironically individuals who are so obsessed with the appearance of prepubescent boys penises that it causes them "attraction distress or interpersonal difficulty" are dabbling their toe in it. I can't imagine the pain you cause people whov've actually been abused when they see you co-opting their pain.

Doctors have far better things to do then worry about the absolute bull$hit you've spewed. No one rational would think anything you've suggested is acceptable even if you had not co-opted someone else's pain. There are doctors right now performing CPR on an infant whose succumbed to SIDS, performing organ transplants, crying with parents because there are no more treatments for their child with cancer, are calling a time of death for a child that drowned, are hooking up a child to ECMO, are trying to intubate a micropreemie, are performing a spinal tap on a febrile newborn, are doing surgery to try and remedy a severe curvature for a child that is wheelchair bound, are looking at a CT scan imagine and see that a child has cancer, are sitting parents down and explaining that their baby has Cystic Fibrosis, are performing a muscle biopsy on a teen because they are suspecting a teen has Muscular Dystrophy, are doing surgery on a heart of a child with Down Syndrome, are performing surgery to give a child a trach, or feeding tube, an ostomy, a central line.... Shall I keep going? You want ALL of them to stop what they are doing, go down to urology, and stop the urologists from performing a medical procedure that YOU think is bad because in your head (a head that obviously spent way too much time licking lead as a child) you think it's actually reasonable for everyone to stop what they are doing to stop the imaginary pedophiles that you fantasize about..oh and if those doctors don't stop the pretend pedophiles, they are pedophiles too🙄.

I do truly hope you keep this open and available so whenever I try to explain to someone that intactivists are obsessed nutjobs, I can pull out this small wonder as example bat$hit101.

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Are you honestly trying to be taken seriously. Your logic here is non existent. More attention-seeking crap. Sorry your wiener is so small. But it wasn’t your circ. Thats genes - and apparently yours are pretty cr.p. 😂

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