Agree with you on many things.

But please, please, please let circumcised guys know that they're not destroyed forever by the mistakes their parents stupidly made.

Tell them you survived this and you are having a great life.

Tell them how to do it.


No more suicides because of circumcision. Please.

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I've said this many times in many places and will continue to do so.

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Mar 10, 2023·edited Mar 10, 2023

Circumcision outcomes are obscenely haphazard http://CircumcisionHarm.org/gallery1.htm One cut male might be a survivor having a great life, and the next might be a victim wallowing in despair. With luck, they both discover non-surgical foreskin restoration for better sex.

Circumcision always alters sex dramatically. The more we learn about how normal sex works the better we can accommodate for what's missing.

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Kinda sorry but no. We are mutilated, we experience LESS than we are supposed to and are reminded of that very day. On top of all this...you take into account the idea your parents violated everything they taught you in doing it? I mean I cannot get this stuff back and there are other harms caused by this.

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