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As someone who is actively involved in counselling I valued your 3 beliefs.

I run peer counselling courses and my first 3 guidelines are Hear; Hold; Honour.



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I met him at Solano Stroll in Berkeley and was touched by how much he cared about the issue. Amazing human. ❤️

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The Homestuck dual Aspect of Doom/Life is relevant here. Those aligned with Doom are the Universe's sufferers. They are there to be with other's in their suffering, not to heal (as this is not one of their powers), but to commiserate. Doom is about the harsh truths of our world, and the hard choices we have to make as a consequence. Doom is about being bound by duty to the holy work, even in the face of ultimate obvilion. What can you say to someone who has lost what's precious to them? Surely not that what was precious can be returned, or that what they lost wasn't important after all. Saying these things is denying their truth, invalidating both their personhood and their reality. In your terms, it's inflicting a sort of injustice on them by not letting them speak. No, the only thing that you can do with suffering like that is to simply abide in the sacred silence of their loss -- to be there with them through the impossible.

Life, Doom's dual, is powerful, and can offer true healing for many things, but it can also be very fascist in how it does it. Too much Life means that you feel like there are no hard problems in life, because everything can be solved through some clever trick or happy ending. So if someone is sad and shares their suffering with you, the natural Life response is to try and "fix" it by denying their suffering.


RIP Jonathon.

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