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It is a pretty bad-ass logo. This is a really interesting path fork, got me thinking I wonder if/when I could apply the same thing to writing original content. Ghost-writer in the machine. Excited to see more of your AI art-work.

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Hi Brendon. Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you on your writing and campaigning for social justice and the human rights issues surrounding circumcision and more. By coincidence, I was re-watching American Circumcision this morning, after a particularly heated debate on the subject with family over dinner last night!

And now on to the logo posted within your email today. I'm not sure I would recognize the themes you hope to convey - without an explanation. A good logo shouldn't need a cheat sheet to help explain it. The 'peace' symbol you reference is actually a 'ban the bomb' logo designed by members of CND in the '60s, so I'm not sure that's a great fit. The overall look and feel of your AI-created logo feels rather fascist in style, and quite aggressive. A bit of brutalism maybe, and maybe a touch of satanism (the horns) for good measure! And talking of AI - is there a hint of the Tesla IUD logo in there?

An interesting experiment certainly, and thanks for sharing it with your supporters and friends. At least for now, I think AI might be lacking when it comes to nuance and emotional connection.


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Oct 6, 2022·edited Oct 6, 2022

I am grateful for your insights Brendan, creative investigation, and full engagement with AI art. Thank you for sharing it; it opens me up to considerations I had not partaken. I must say the sample logo is not at all attractive to me, in fact it is quite offputting and moved me to not care enough to even try to appreciate what I might be missing in it. For me, it communicates no relevant meaning. And I did not receive un-coached the meanings you explained were inherent in it. Indeed, I do qualify as a member of the "current audience (who) is probably more interested in social justice, children’s issues, etc. than AI art."

Still, deeply grateful for your predictions and bringing all the dimensions of your talent to bear. Thank you for your continuing leadership and work.


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