Jun 24 • 1HR 14M

Joe Speredon on Men's Circles and Living From Authentic Masculinity (#37)

The transformative power of men's circles explored in this episode.

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Brendon Marotta
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Joe Speredon speaks on the transformative power of men's circles, and shares how he responded to a personal crisis by joining Sacred Sons, participating in a real-life fight club, and letting go of the masks men wear to embrace his authentic self. We discuss the unique challenges men face, how to set children up for success, and how to find a men's group that is right for you. Listen to learn about the masculine.

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  • 0:00 - Men's Emotional Growth and Authenticity

  • 14:12 - Masculine Health and Conscious Combat

  • 31:36 - Masculinity and Awareness

  • 39:47 - The Importance of Emotional Awareness

  • 51:14 - Exploring Spirituality in Men's Groups

  • 1:02:12 - Embrace Yourself in Men's Circles


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