Please offer a message of hope to circumcised guys. My son followed the intactivism rabbit trails deeper and deeper. He rejected anyone who didn't believe that doctors who circumcise are pedophiles. (Including his father, a pediatrician, who circumcised him.) He believed that his life was ruined and hopeless because his relationship with his gf ended after months of bedroom failures. He had other issues, but this one took over and led him into darkness that I couldn't pull him out of. I regretted having him circumcised, and apologized so many times. I wrote letters and tried to convince others that ALL genital mutilation of children needs to stop. I was with him on everything except cutting off all relationships with circumcisers and those who associated with them. How are we going to convince people if we do that??? He was so isolated and alone and angry and sad... Please offer these guys HOPE. You seem to have a good life, Brendan... (A grieving mother. My son, C. Richard, took his life almost 2 weeks ago.)

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I'm sorry to hear that.

I might have to write something longer on this, but at present, these might be relevant:

How To Emotionally Heal From Circumcision


If You Regret Circumcising Your Kids, What Should You Say To Them?


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“shouldn’t be allowed to send their kids to school those“ > “to school WITH those”

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