Subtitle: Was Biden's new Supreme Court Nominee was complicit in systemic pedophilia? -> Was Biden's new Supreme Court Nominee complicit in systemic pedophilia? (Remove second “was”)

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Shouldn't the punishment fit the crime? As a society, we have seemed to want to lump all child pornography or pedophilia in the same basket and never make any differences as to persons who would physically commit sexual abuse and someone who might have an issue "looking" at the stuff. I can't see how that should be treated exactly the same. However, neither should it be ignored, of course. Such persons should be forced to get the appropriate treatment.

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I think definitions matter: the crime of child pornography, in my opinion, is committed when that digital media is created or recorded in the physical presence of that child not when that media is distributed.

It is too easy to commit this sort of crime in a disconnected, estranged, and dysfunctional society.

The framing most of society is using will not reduce the harms to children one bit. It is a never-ending whack-a-mole game of pursuing thought-crime instead of parsing out real world victims and perpetrators.

Oddly enough, policing for the physical world requires old-fashioned investigative work as well as building healthy communities in which these children grow up and not in building a more advanced surveillance state.

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