Only public Nuremberg-type trials will suffice to repair the premeditated, money-induced, willful worldwide harm and knowing withholding of common and well-known medication - HCQ, Ivermectin, etc.

Fauci and his many medical and political cohorts have set medicine, health care, trust, vaccinations, hospitals, Pharma companies, the CDC, FDA, NIH, etc., back at least 70 years.

Every 80 years or so we forget what tyrrany is and have to relearn it again, despite all the evidence and documentation.

This was a very dark chapter in human history and it's not over yet by any means.

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They are just trying to prevent their own hangings and I will pray they aren’t successful.

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I remember my husband and I being chased around Menard's by an employee wanting us to mask up. I remember my niece (38) who had a stroke, a brother and sister who ended up with neuropathy, another sister who's breast cancer returned, a friend who's son (42) died from a massive blood clot, even more friends and family with heart and neurological problems from the shot. I remember the friends who died in the hospitals from the doctor's malfeasance. I won't forgive or forget as this was intentional.

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Zero forgiveness. Zero compromise. Only swift justice to the perpetrators of this genocide on humanity.

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I’m bitter - and I’m angrier by the day as all the lies fall apart! Also, who knew 79% of Americans were SO weak and supine to govt,? Also bitter to learn freedom was so easily given away by so many. Only a few I’d want in my foxhole if it hit the fan!

They closed our churches.

They closed our synagogues.

They closed our schools.

They closed our playgrounds.

They closed our gyms.

They closed our yoga studios.

They closed our restaurants.

They closed our Dojo.

They canceled funerals, but allowed them for chosen ones.

They forced college students into isolation into their door rooms, then threatened to throw them out of school for attending gatherings *off* campus.

They dangled our 30 year careers over our heads. Jab OR job.

They kicked fathers out of delivery rooms.

They would not allow children to hold the hands of their dying parent or grandparent.

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Arrest every perpetrator, trial and if guilty - EXECUTED!!! BY HANGING AND LEAVE THEM HANGING!!! NO MERCY FOR THE COVID DEVELOPERS, PROPAGATORS, LOCKDOWN PUSHERS, "VACCINE" MAKERS AND COVID FANATICS. PERIOD. Make the lesson so horrible no moron will ever try it again. I want NONE of this restorative madness.

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"Restorative justice is only complete when the wrongdoing cannot happen again."

There'll be no "restorative justice" because they want to make it "happen again." You can bet on that. COVID tyranny was a drill or test, a dress-rehearsal for the future.

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We need to hold hospital administrators and licensing boards feet to the fire in this. The hospitals all went along with Remdesivir being the only allowed treatment for Covid even though it had a 30% chance of destroying a patient's liver, killing them. All alternatives such as HCQ and Ivermectin were suppressed and doctors who prescribed them lost their medical licenses. Every time I try to discuss Covid with any of my doctors, the appointment is over and they rush out of the room. The licensing boards need to go to prison for murder.

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Prior to SARS-CoV-2, the FDA medical & legal requirements for approval as a vaccine required the incipient vaccine to prove efficacy against 1. INFECTION, 2. REPLICATION, 3. TRANSMISSION. The patented bioweapon aka "vaccine" DOES NONE OF THESE. VAERS, known to account for about 1% of adverse vaccine effects, is now reporting over 30,000 "vaccine" deaths (real number closer to 3 MILLION!). SAFE & EFFECTIVE, right?! FDA pulled the H1N1 Swine Flu experimental “vaccine” after 53 deaths; they pulled the RSV experimental “vaccine” after 22 dead kids; they pulled the Bill Gates experimental meningitis “treatment” after 11 dead Nigerian kids. SO WHY ARE WE STANDING BY & TALKING "AMNESTY" FOR THE WHOLESALE KILLING & MAIMING OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS, for crissakes?!

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I think that the people that live in Florida should be rewarded large amounts of money for being smart enough to live in Florida and elect republican law makers and governor.

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I know many children, and perhaps you do too, who have been deeply traumatized by "non-pharmaceutical interventions." One 12-year-old boy I know cannot bear to leave the house without a mask. It is also well documented that babies born during the pandemic scored dozens of points lower on IQ tests.

What "restorative justice" can there be for children who have suffered permanent trauma?

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Fauci should be publicly flogged and shipped off to Gitmo. The executives at Pfizer and Moderna need to be indicted and sent to jail

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Excellent analysis and prescriptions here. I totally agree. On this general theme, Chuck Colson's book Justice That Restores (2001) deserves mention. Importantly, restorative justice is NOT absolution -- it is making the perpetrators pay for what they did in a manner that minimizes the damage to society. Commenters clamoring for revenge instead of justice should remember that they will reap what they sow and that lynch mobs always hurt the innocent along with the guilty. That having been said, ringleaders like Fauci and Cuomo should be tried and hung first to prove to the victims that this is not going to be just another whitewash operation.

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Excellent article. To think that a simple "forget about it" will come close to making amends is the height of arrogance. And the absence of an apology strongly indicates that the abuse will continue and that the article is just a way to escape responsibility.

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"The Atlantic writes that “we need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.” The magazine that claims There Is No Middle Ground on Reparations, a policy to redistribute wealth for events over a hundred and fifty years ago, believes we need to move on and make no reparations for events two years ago."

Thanks for making that point, though I'm sure some will use it to try and drive a wedge in by saying that you're equating lockdown with institutionalized chattel slavery. No, the point is that conversations about reparations are being had, and positively, by that publication, and the time scale makes up for a lot of lost ground.

People are still being impacted by Covid Authoritarianism. She wants forgiveness for something her team hasn't even stopped **doing** yet.

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