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AI Predictions and The Gods of AI (#36)

AI Predictions and The Gods of AI (#36)

Why Brendon got into AI, how he is using it, and where he thinks it's going.

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From the creator of The Gods of AI comes a shocking prediction about the future of AI and art. In this episode, Brendon Marotta shares his interest in AI art, predicts how AI will change filmmaking, and explains why he spent two months making over twenty thousand images to tell a story about human consciousness using AI.

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  • [00:00:06] How Brendon Got Interested in AI

  • [00:01:51] The Impact of Chat GPT

  • [00:04:11] AI and the Film Industry

  • [00:08:36] Acting and AI

  • [00:13:30] Brendon's Work with AI

  • [00:14:47] The Gods of AI

  • [00:19:59] AI's Role in Filmmaking

  • [00:22:03] AI's Use in Podcasting

  • [00:25:01] AI and Human Consciousness

  • [00:28:20] AI's Amplification Effect

  • [00:30:02] Using AI for Good

  • [00:31:19] Brendon's AI Journal

  • [00:31:58] Connecting with Like-minded Individuals


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