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Anthony Blood on Foreskin Restoration, Social Media Activism, and Healing (#38)

Anthony Blood on Foreskin Restoration, Social Media Activism, and Healing (#38)

Plus, why we need 10 million dollars to fund "the D prize."

Anthony Blood is a social media activist using Tik Tok to share the good news about foreskin restoration. In this episode, we explore various platforms where intactivist communities exist, we discuss the potential of modern regenerative medicine to restore the foreskin, and explore the healing process, including useful tools for healing trauma such as the Completion Process. Plus, Anthony and Brendon joke around and have fun.

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Timestamps (Generated by AI):

  • 0:00 - Foreskin Restoration and Social Media

  • 15:56 - Influence and Content Creation on TikTok

  • 26:21 - Discussing Foreskin Restoration and Advocacy

  • 42:48 - Exploring Circumcision Restoration Options

  • 54:28 - Losing the Ability to Experience Trauma

  • 1:00:09 - Activism and Accepting Reality

  • 1:06:41 - Healing Trauma and Finding Inner Peace

  • 1:19:50 - Spiritual Experiences and Reverse Effort Law

  • 1:31:25 - Meditation and Completion Process

  • 1:36:18 - The Completion Process for Personal Growth

  • 1:46:20 - Masculine Healing and Physical Restoration

  • 1:55:17 - Foreskin Restoration & Healing Trauma

  • 2:10:11 - Podcasting and Restoring Buddies

  • 2:15:26 - Emotional Growth and Self-Improvement


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