Apr 6, 2021 • 1HR 0M

Anthony Losquadro on Lobbying to Change the Financial Incentives of the Foreskin Industry (#008)

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Brendon Marotta
Ongoing podcast.
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Anthony Losquadro, the founder of Intaction, shares his lobbying efforts to disrupt the economic incentives for circumcision and original research he has done into the selling of infant foreskins.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [1:00] Anthony’s projects and Intaction

  • [7:45] How Anthony re-strategized through the COVID-19 pandemic

  • [9:40] Anthony’s strategy for legislative change at the state level

  • [16:14] Persuading sympathetic lawmakers to take the next step

  • [21:20] Proposal to prevent Medicaid from paying for circumcision

  • [28:32] Removing economic incentives for circumcision

  • [32:00] Countering the spending power of the medical lobby

  • [34:30] The best time to fight legislation

  • [38:17] The battle to ban Mogen clamps

  • [40:30] Buying and selling of foreskins 

  • [45:33] Information disclosed to parents about foreskin sales

  • [49:10] Who is buying foreskins (and why)

  • [52:50] The lack of whistleblowers speaking out against foreskin trade

  • [54:40] Doctors are commission-based salesman of circumcision who target low income parents

  • [56:05] How to conduct your own research on the foreskin industry

  • [57:30] Overview of Anthony’s other projects


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