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Ari Hershkowitz on Hasidic Jewish Change (#018)

Ari Hershkowitz on Hasidic Jewish Change (#018)

Ari Hershkowitz talks about his journey and experiences in the Hasidic Jewish community explored in the Netflix documentary One of Us (2017). We discuss Ari’s healing journey, return to the Hasidic community, and how the Jewish community is changing.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [1:00] What a Hasidic Jewish Community looks like 

  • [2:21] Ari’s current stance in his community

  • [4:47] Journey to change within the Hasidic community and the specific changes being made

  • [6:26] The cause of these changes 

  • [7:31] Fears and control of information flow 

  • [8:27] Why New York is the home for a Hasidic Jewish community 

  • [10:00] Ari’s Journey to questioning and leaving his community 

  • [14:51] Ari’s involvement with the documentary crew and experience with film One of Us

  • [16:34] Ari’s experiences post leaving the community

  • [18:51] School and education within the Hasidic Jewish community  

  • [19:6] Best and worst of leaving 

  • [21:09] Ari’s discoveries of other religions and experiences post leaving the community

  • [23:40] Ari’s return back to living with the community 

  • [25:27] Ari’s hopeful changes for the community 

  • [28:02] Ari’s journey to self-recovery and healing 

  • [29:44] Sexual abuse and how it’s handled in the community 

  • [32:44] Footsteps and mental health organizations in the documentary “One of Us” and how to get involved 

  • [34:09] How the Hasidic Jewish community see other Jewish communities and perceive criticism from the outside

  • [39:00] Criticism of circumcision and anti-semitism 

  • [41:44] Generational trauma and finding ways to have an understanding between outsiders and people within the community 

  • [45:11] Jewish Identity defined

  • [47:51] Where Ari is today and his next steps moving forward  

  • [48:55] Community and reaction to the Netflix Documentary 


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