Mar 9, 2021 • 1HR 4M

Brother K on the Spiritual Wound of Circumcision and Shocking Power of the Blood Stained Symbol (#004)

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Brendon Marotta
Ongoing podcast.
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In this episode, I talk to Brother K, founder of the intactivist protest organization, Bloodstained Men and Their Friends.

During this episode, we talk about the spiritual wound of circumcision, how to stage an effective protest, and how Brother K uses shock and symbols to awaken the public on this issue.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [01:05] Brother K explains  Bloodstained Men And Their Friends

  • [03:00] Circumcision crisis and the situation in America

  • [06:00] The bloodstain symbol and why he picked it

  • [07:35] Circumcision as spiritual lessening and mutilation

  • [11:16] What’s behind the name Brother K?

  • [13:47] The truth about infant circumcision and his own circumcision

  • [16:40] The impacts of circumcision and why it breaks the maternal bond

  • [17:55] Spiritual crisis and struggling to heal after circumcision

  • [19:30] Why he changed his identity to Brother K

  • [23:00] Who men are reluctant to raise their voices against circumcision

  • [28:00] Providing solutions

  • [30:00] The best ways to make progress and successful protests

  • [35:50] Shocking revelations about the American crusade about circumcision in Africa.

  • [40:20] Building an effective protest from the bloodstain symbol to protests.

  • [44:00] First protests in San Francisco

  • [51:10] When their protests started attracting support from locals

  • [54:15] Maintaining the energy without burning out.

  • [55:10] Defining spiritual wound caused by circumcision

  • [01:00:15] How it feels to wear the bloodstain symbol


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