Mar 2, 2021 • 1HR 5M

Carter Steinhoff and His Mother Discuss Circumcision - Emotional Relationship Conversation (#003)

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Brendon Marotta
Ongoing podcast.
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In this episode, a mother and son discuss circumcision.

Carter Steinhoff feels harmed by circumcision, reached out to me to facilitate a discussion between him and his mom, Tiphani. His mother recognizes the harm of circumcision and wants to find a way to create a safe relationship with her son.

This is an emotionally challenging discussion, but an important one.

In This Episode:

  • [00:44] Brendon thanks Carter and Mom for their bravery to have this conversation.

  • [01:56] Carter shares his initial feelings.

  • [05:50] Tiphani shares her initial feelings.

  • [09:00] Tiphani shares how she became confident to have this conversation with people. 

  • [13:20] Regret parents and the need for healing resources for parents.

  • [15:05] Carter shares his feelings toward his parents and the series of events that led him to have those emotions.

  • [18:20] Carter on the impact circumcision has had on his life.

  • [26:19] Tiphani responds, validates Carter's feelings, and shares her own.

  • [30:25] Carter on wanting others to acknowledge his experience and the impact of circumcision on sexuality.

  • [35:45] Carter and Tiphani on what they need from each other, and the only way to go forward. 

  • [41:50] Tiphani and Carter clarify their needs.

  • [47:40] Carter on wanting his mom to work with him.

  • [52:17] The challenge of acknowledging love even when we feel suffering or harm.

  • [54:10] Carter on the changes he wants on the issue of circumcision and reasons he wants his mother involved in activism.

  • [01:01:20]  Carter thanks his mother for her willingness to have the conversation. Tiphani says she is proud of him.

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