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Foregen and the Science of Regeneration with Tyler Drzod and Eric Cunningham (#007)

Foregen and the Science of Regeneration with Tyler Drzod and Eric Cunningham (#007)

In this episode, I talk to two members of Foregen, an organization dedicated to regenerating the human foreskin.

Tyler Drzod, Chief Operation Officer, and Eric Cunningham, Chief Science Officer, give an in-depth explanation of the science of regeneration, the structure of Foregen, and the possibilities for the future.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • [1:03] Explaining Foregen to new people

  • [2:15] How does Foregen plan to regenerate the human foreskin? 

  • [5:50] How Foregen acquires foreskin scaffolding and foreskin they can de cellularize

  • [7:45] Attaching the foreskin scaffolding to a human being

  • [9:45] What kind of experimentation is needed?

  • [11:10] Previous reconstruction of the entire penile shaft

  • [12:25] Previous breakthroughs in regeneration technology

  • [14:20] Who are the experts at Foregen?

  • [19:50] What is the financial/business structure of Foregen?

  • [24:25] How much money will it take to achieve the goals of Foregen?

  • [26:00] Who funds Foregen? What are the motivations of backers?

  • [27:45] Why large biotech and medical companies avoid moving into the foreskin regeneration space despite clear market interest. 

  • [28:35] The advantage Foregen has over other companies

  • [30:20] How Foregen brings in scientific experts

  • [32:00] Does Foregen have a political stance on the issue of circumcision? 

  • [33:50] Why more research is needed on the nerve endings of the foreskin

  • [35:00] Foregen's plans to conduct research 

  • [37:30] How new technology can facilitate better  studies on the foreskin

  • [39:15] The phantom limb phenomenon in circumcised men 

  • [40:45] The technology exists to bring full function and feeling to somebody with damaged genitals 

  • [41:10] How to support Foregen's work 



(They mentioned so much research,  I literally ran out of characters when I adding it to the show notes. Just click the link above and scroll down to view it.)

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