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Ideamarket with Mike Elias and James Ellis (#27)

Ideamarket with Mike Elias and James Ellis (#27)

Ideamarket allows you to invest cryptocurrency into ideas to solve the information problem we all face: How do you know who to trust and what to pay attention to? In this episode, Mike Elias and James Ellis from Ideamarket break down the future of trust online.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [01:22] What is the two-sentence elevator pitch for Idea Market?

  • [04:26] How idea Market helps find the good in all the noise.

  • [10:56] Proliferation of information

  • [12:24] How crowdsourcing model works

  • [18:08] Pumping and building an idea through a small vocal fanbase

  • [23;43] Preventative measures against dominant media building and flooding ideas in the incumbent media.

  • [26:52] Can you sell an idea on Idea Market?

  • [28:18] Betting on a competing idea

  • [32:35] How ideas are valued on idea Market

  • [37:00] The metaphor of a fact

  • [45:38] Facts are extremely deep assumptions

  • [47:35] Managing the uncertainty

  • [52:00] Using past experiences to make assumptions for the future.

  • [53:50] Financial costs of buying into ideas on the platform

  • [56:02] How to use the idea market platform

  • [58:12] Advice to those who haven’t joined crypto yet

  • [1:01:38] Putting your money on Twitter personalities.

  • [1:04:31] How to get in touch with Mike and James

  • [1:06:47] Idea Market as an income stream


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