Apr 20, 2021 • 35M

INTACT MOVEMENT with Peter Adler, Brother K, Georganne Chapin, Ronald Goldman, Anthony Losquadro, John Adkison (#010)

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Brendon Marotta
Ongoing podcast.
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This special audio presentation features top voices against circumcision: Peter Adler, Brother K, Ronald Goldman, Georganne Chapin, John Adkison, and Anthony Losquadro.

These guests explore the same five questions around the importance of the issue of circumcision, challenges facing their movement, and actions you can take to make a difference.

Episode Chapters:

  • [0:28] Guest intros

  • [2:08] Feature presentation begins

  • Five Questions:

  1. [2:29] Why is the issue of circumcision important?

  2. [6:33] What is the biggest challenge facing people on this issue?

  3. [11:49] How do we need to grow or change to meet that challenge?

  4. [17:01] What is the biggest opportunity we have to gain by facing this issue?
    [23:10] Do we have anything to gain personally by facing this issue? (Follow-up)

  5. [27:20] What action should people take?
    [31:10] Shameless plugs

  • [33:05] Outro


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