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James Loewen on Documenting the Movement for Freedom from Medical Tyranny - Part 1 (#33)

James Loewen on Documenting the Movement for Freedom from Medical Tyranny - Part 1 (#33)

Prolific documentarian James Loewen discusses his work documenting the early gay rights movement, Intactivist movement, Freedom movement, and detrans movement.

James Lowen discusses his journey documenting multiple social movements, including early gay rights and transgender activism, Intactivism, anti-lockdown protests, and the detrans movement. He shares insights into his process, the evolution of technology, and his personal growth as an artist.

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  • [02:22] How James Got Started With Video

  • [04:17] First Filming of Protests

  • [11:14] The Arc of James Film Career

  • [14:00] James Loewen's Personal Connection to Outrage and Intactivism

  • [18:18] The Angelic Inspirations of James Work

  • [20:20] James YouTube Intactivism Origin Story

  • [22:16] Exploring the Impact of Circumcision Through Filmmaking and Activism

  • [24:27] Reflections on Brendon’s Documentary Film

  • [28:21] The Growth and Change of Intactivism Over 30 Years of Filming

  • [31:04] The Impact of Gore Vidal's 1968 Novel Myra Breckenridge

  • [33:03] The Power of the Bloodstained Protest Symbol and Jonathan Conte

  • [37:33] Reflection on the Impact of the Bloodstained Men

  • [40:26] Exploring the Symbolism of the Bloodstained Outfit, Jonathan Conte, and Patricia Robinett

  • [43:08] Reflections on Intactivism and the Bloodstained Men Tour

  • [45:25] The Unique and Memorable Journey with Bloodstained Men

  • [47:41] The Southern Tour with Bloodstained Men



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