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Jesse Herman on Building a Free Money Platform and Getting 20 Billion Views (#25)

Jesse Herman on Building a Free Money Platform and Getting 20 Billion Views (#25)

As a social media manager, Jesse Herman has gotten over 20 billion views for his clients. Now, Jesse is starting a crypto platform that allows users to stake crypto on creators and causes they want to support.

We also talk about what polarizing characteristics make for a successful creator, how to handle toxic trolls, and why Jesse is focused on creating a "free money platform" rather than a free speech platform.

P.S. I am on Jesse's new platform. Support me here.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [01:16] What Jesse Herman does

  • [02:36] Content creation behind the scenes

  • [04:06] Jesse’s story. Where it all started

  • [09:29] Growing Facebook pages for clients

  • [16:31] Advice to creators trying to produce viral content

  • [17:56] Process of hiring people

  • [20:30] Platforms to scale your business

  • [29:13] New finance app for social media platforms and how it works

  • [37:21] How to start receiving donations for your organization

  • [43:26] Customized social tokens

  • [53:22] Letsgo.finance platform launch date

  • [55:03] Monetization through donations

  • [1:00:49] How to get people to adapt to a new platform

  • [1:06:08] Charity sites vs. donations sites

  • [1:13:22] Setting up a mini-mask wallet

  • [1:19:02] Change in content creation over 15 years

  • [1:26:35] Identifying creators that have huge potential

  • [1:31:43] Taboo topics in crypto

  • [1:37:49] Controversy and polarization sales

  • [1:46:02] Platform moderation and the challenges social media companies face

  • [1:52:20] Polarization on the social media platform

  • [2:00:36] Social Media influence strategies

  • [2:03:40] Why Jesse prefers free money to free speech platform

  • [2:10:01] Building better or revolutionary systems?


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