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John Adkison on Fatherhood, Activism, and Genital Autonomy (#002)

John Adkison on Fatherhood, Activism, and Genital Autonomy (#002)

In this episode, John Adkinson shares his journey from learning about the issue of circumcision to becoming an activist against it. We also discuss the challenges of being a parent and an activist, the impact of this issue on men, and the biggest challenges facing activists.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • [00:40] How John became interested in the issue of circumcision and his desire to be an activist.

  • [1:44] The information that made John rethink his stand on circumcision.

  • [2:20] Reasons why circumcision is practiced 

  • [3:13] How people go from discovering an issue and taking action against it 

  • [6:42] Gaps in circumcision activism and how John found out

  • [8:39] Why and how John decided to create a connection between different organizations 

  • [9:13]  John's work to support organizations 

  • [10:26] John’s website and its role

  • [11:35] The desire to practice activism

  • [15:50] Opportunity to bring more people in

  • [16:30] Managing activism and parenting 

  • [18:59] Psychological effect of a world that glorifies circumcision on intact kids

  • [20:46] The intent of activism

  • [22:26] The effect of cultural stress

  • [24:30] Focus of the activism 

  • [27:10] Most common ways that the issue of circumcision impacts men 

  • [32:00] The most significant need for men facing these issues and how they can be helped overcome them

  • [35:00] The most crucial issue touching on circumcision 

  • [35:50] The biggest challenge facing circumcision and general cutting 

  • [36:43] Growing and facing the challenges to overcome them

  • [37:20] The biggest opportunity to further address the issue around circumcision

  • [39:10] Actions to be taken on the issue 

  • [40:00] Opportunity of connection that arises around issues of circumcision such as pain

  • [44:24] Parenting advice

  • [50:00] Identifying the difference between conflict and harassment or abuse


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