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Kerry McDonald on Unschooling and Homeschooling's Massive Growth (#019)

Kerry McDonald on Unschooling and Homeschooling's Massive Growth (#019)

Kerry McDonald talks about the massive growth of homeschooling and unschooling after the Covid-19 pandemic, and how you can start unschooling with your children.

Kerry is a Senior Education Fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education, author of Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom, and an adjunct scholar at The Cato Institute.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [2:00] What is unschooling

  • [4:30] What does unschooling and schooling look like in comparison to government schooling and how it’s trying to be different

  • [6:10] How Covid-19 has changed homeschooling and unschooling 

  • [11:03] How children learn and how parents can support and facilitate that learning 

  • [13:27] What misconceptions people who were brought up in the system have on homeschooling 

  • [18:03] How homeschooling has expanded in the past year

  • [19:21] Kerry’s experience and journey to homeschooling 

  • [25:57] The first steps to exploring your child’s education in homeschooling

  • [29:45] The process of finding the best option for your child 

  • [35:14] How to incorporate non-academic activities into your schooling 

  • [39:07] How to spark your child’s interests 

  • [40:20] Stereotypes of homeschooling 

  • [42:44] The difference in outcome between homeschooling and public education

  • [45:56] Navigating college and how to prepare your child for an unknown future


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