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Kristeena Marotta on Transformational Healing (#009)

Kristeena Marotta on Transformational Healing (#009)

The most talented healer I know joins the show: my wife, Kristeena Marotta. During this episode, we talk about the process and methods of healing as well as our own personal journey through healing work.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [1:26] What is healing?

  • [3:44] The unconscious mind 

  • [6:05] What is the process of healing?

  • [8:06] Handling objections and resistance to healing work

  • [9:18] Creating your own internal reality based off of previous experiences 

  • [11:27] ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience)

  • [16:23] Blockages to healing and how to work around them

  • [23:22] Misconceptions about healing work

  • [28:09] Kristeena’s journey to healing 

  • [35:03] Completion Process and method by Teal Swan

  • [39:50] The first steps to feeling free, when someones ready to change and the method to use

  • [44:53] The next steps to start your healing journey and making a commitment

  • [50:08] What you can change on your healing process

  • [50:46] Parts Integration 

  • [52:32] Brendon’s healing and Teal Swan event experience

  • [59:02] How to talk about healing with someone you know that needs it 

  • [1:02:04] How does the opposite of healing happen? Why is healing needed in the first place for so many people?

  • [1:04:52] Resources from Kristeena and how to get started on healing modalities 


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