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Lessons from Effective Altruism with Jordan Arel (#35)

Lessons from Effective Altruism with Jordan Arel (#35)

Lessons on how we can do the most good.

Jordan Arel discusses effective altruism, a movement that aims to do the most good for sentient beings using reason and evidence. Jordan and Brendon explore strategies EA uses to create social change such as recruiting from elite universities, earn to give, and a reason-based approach to action, and drawn lessons useful for any movement trying to do good in the world.

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  • [0:02:17] How to Create the Most Good for Humanity

  • [0:04:46] Recruiting, Community Building, and Curriculum

  • [0:06:56] Rationality, Altruism, and the Method of Inquiry

  • [0:11:29] Cost-Effectiveness, Quality Adjusted Life Years, and the ITN Framework

  • [0:16:36] Personal Benefit and Effective Altruism

  • [0:18:27] Altruism and the Effective Altruism Movement

  • [0:20:49] Making the Effective Altruism Movement More Effective

  • [0:25:09] Exploring Effective Recruitment Strategies for Intactivism

  • [0:27:05] Recruiting High Value People for Effective Altruism

  • [0:32:55] The Benefits of Earning and Donating Money to Activism

  • [0:34:30] Creating a Culture of Effective Altruism

  • [0:37:30] Handling Irrational Emotional Compulsions in Activism Movements

  • [0:39:57] Getting Involved with Effective Altruism

  • [0:41:20] An Introduction to Effective Altruism

  • [0:43:17] Creating a Culture of Reading for Effective Altruism

  • [0:51:13] Effective Altruism and Children's Issues

  • [0:52:58] Approaching Issues with Significant Opposition in Effective Altruism

  • [0:55:30] Analyzing Risk and Reward for Effective Activism Strategies

  • [0:59:25] Personalizing Effective Altruism Analysis

  • [1:01:58] Maximizing Impact with Effective Altruism

  • [1:12:10] Different Paths and Opportunities in Effective Altruism


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