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Marilyn Milos and Georganne Chapin on Intactivist History and Future (#29)

Marilyn Milos and Georganne Chapin on Intactivist History and Future (#29)

Marilyn Milos, who is regarded as ‘The Mother of the Intactivist Movement,”  is merging her organization with Georganne Chapin's organization Intact America. Both experienced activists join us on this show to explore the history of the intactivist movement, all the way to the present. We talk about some challenges Intactivists are now facing and what the future might hold. If you are interested in Intactivism, this is a must-listen episode. 


  • [01:10] How Marilyn and Georgian met

  • [18:06] Marilyn’s thoughts about working with Georgianne

  • [21:07] The merger: What does it mean and how did it come about 

  • [35:45] Developing a new strategy for the future after the merger

  • [42:37] Social justices to complicity principle

  • [48:50] The difference between professional and the grassroot organizations

  • [54:20] Hiring process in the Intactivist organizations

  • [1:01:50] Working with Intact America organization

  • [1:03:05] The challenges in raising funds for the Intactivist organizations

  • [1:08:16] The stigma around intactivist movements and how to handle it

  • [1:11:35] Opening the doors for victims to come out and talk to each other

  • [1:23:17] The true evil underlying the circumcision obsession

  • [1:26:00] Will Intact America change its name after the merger?

  • [1:28:28] Reach out to the Intact America organization


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