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Peaceful Fathers with Anthony Migliorino (#013)

Peaceful Fathers with Anthony Migliorino (#013)

Anthony Migliorino, a coach on fatherhood and the founder of Peaceful Fathers, shares his insight on peaceful parenting. 

Peaceful Fathers focus on bringing up children peacefully, through positive parenting, which embraces hard work, improvement, dedication, and constant learning, rather than corporal punishment and abuse. He champions good fatherhood parenting aspects such as masculine self-development, peaceful parenting, and bonding with your children.

During this episode, we talk about the impact of good parenting on general society's growth.

In This Episode:

  • [00:45] Origin of Peaceful Parenting concept.

  • [03:44] Peaceful Parenting building journey.

  • [06:18] Peaceful Parenting transformation steps, methods, and techniques employed.

  • [07:53] Family development plan, a success factor to good fatherhood.

  • [12:14] Steps that seem to help men more in becoming better fathers.

  • [14:25] Common challenges that deter men from becoming good fathers.

  • [19:48] The process of instituting masculinity elements in men.

  • [24:03] Factors that contribute to a successful fatherhood transformation.

  • [27:18] The disconnect between parenting, relationships, business, and money.

  • [32:02] Authoritative parenting weaknesses.

  • [34:30] Peaceful Parenting variations in different stages of child development.

  • [37:48] Orientation of new members to Peaceful Parenting.

  • [40:39] Common resistance to men who enroll to Peaceful Fathers

  • [44:25] Peaceful Parenting as a hard work

  • [52:43] Social conditioning that makes men poor fathers.

  • [57:10] Recommendations and suggestions to men who want to become better fathers.

  • [58:45] The one commitment that gives 80% results to good fatherhood.

  • [01:01:09] Finding the right motivation groups for better fatherhood.