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Ronald Goldman on Early Life Trauma and the Origins of American Violence (#006)

Ronald Goldman on Early Life Trauma and the Origins of American Violence (#006)

In this episode, I talk to Ronald Goldman, Ph.D., director of the Early Trauma Prevention Center. During this episode, we talk about what causes early life trauma, the lasting impacts of childhood trauma, and preventing adult social problems by confronting its origins in childhood.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [00:56] Defining trauma

  • [02:03] The two types of trauma and their examples

  • [03:23] What causes overwhelming feelings

  • [05:58] Distinguishing between significant life events and trauma

  • [09:39] Lasting impacts of childhood trauma

  • [12:04] Noticing the change and effects of early life trauma in adult life  

  • [14:03] What to tell someone if you notice the impact of trauma

  • [16:13] Determining whether early life events had effects on adult life. What to look for.

  • [21:31] Connection between childhood trauma and social problems in America.

  • [23:20] Understanding a child’s needs and meeting them.

  • [25:18] Comparing USA’s maternal leave policy to other European countries. What it means to a child.

  • [27:58] Origin of emotional behavior problems

  • [31:00] Breaking the cycle of trauma

  • [37:26] Changes during early life trauma.

  • [40:03] Creating connection and supporting a child during infancy.

  • [42:48] The existing social problems

  • [46:47] Is there really a relationship between early life trauma and adult social life problems?

  • [46:58] The research evidence of an existing relationship

  • [51:52] Ways to raise awareness

  • [52:44] Why are people less aware of the past research

  • [55:02] Why trauma has gone viral

  • [58:53] Natural conformity

  • [01:03:58] Technology and Social media vs. actual connection

  • [01:05:48] Creating the actual connection in a child

  • [01:06:32] Everything that’s wrong with corporal punishment

  • [01:11:52] The necessary changes needed and recommendations

  • [01:14:04] Important quotes

  • [01:14:28] The push to remove circumcision from Massachusetts’ Masshealth


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