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Social Media Activism with the r/Intactivism Reddit Moderator (#022)

Social Media Activism with the r/Intactivism Reddit Moderator (#022)

The moderator of r/Intactivism  on Reddit joins us for an in-depth discussion of social media activism. We talk about the incentives different social media platforms create and how their design changes the psychology of their users. We also talk about how to use internet memes to create laughter, change minds and build online communication.

Topics Discussed In This Episode

  • [01:18] Breaking down the Reddit social media platform

  • [02:17] About the r/Intactivism subreddit

  • [06:29] How r/Intactivism community is different from other intactivism groups on other social media platforms

  • [09:53] The incentives on Reddit and how it has enabled thoughtful discussions

  • [13:46] How to educate the population on Intactivism

  • [15:54] The history of human rights

  • [19:20] The problem with Twitter as a medium for long-form discussions

  • [21:21] Deciding on where to spend your time on different Reddit communities

  • [23:01] The generation of a meme and its advantages

  • [28:58] Responses from the r/IntactivismMemes subreddit

  • [29:30] Are there meme formats for Intactivism?

  • [32:01] The role of memes in the discussion

  • [39:29] Entertaining and putting on a show in the subreddit

  • [42:16] Understanding the audience and how to reach them

  • [42:50] What styles of humor does well on Reddit

  • [47:55] Incentives for people doing activism and how to get people to change social media platforms

  • [54:06] Memes and trolling on social media

  • [01:05:10] Final thoughts


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