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Stephanie Seneff on America's Glyphosate Addiction (#023)

Stephanie Seneff on America's Glyphosate Addiction (#023)

Stephanie Seneff shares how the common weedkiller glyphosate might be causing long-term serious health problems for Americans.

Topics Discussed In This Episode

  • [00:58] What is glyphosate and why is it a big deal?

  • [04:10] Why the amount of glyphosate use in plants has been increased

  • [07:15] How bad is glyphosate to our health?

  • [12:50] Glyphosate and autism

  • [17:00] Is there a way to measure glyphosate effects on the body?

  • [21:29] Is glyphosate legal in other countries?

  • [25:15] How consumers can push for change

  • [26:22] Why are the food industries still using chemicals in food production

  • [34:40] Why Sulphur is an important nutrient to the body

  • [36:13] Symptoms of autistic mice

  • [37:19] Are companies going to continue using glyphosate?

  • [41:22] How can Americans opt-out of environmental glyphosate

  • [44:45] Mislabeling in the chemical industry

  • [46:19] What is the food industry trying to avoid by using glyphosate?

  • [49:10] The US hitting rock bottom

  • [51:59] Stephanie’s final words


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