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The Evolved Nest with Darcia Narvaez (#011)

The Evolved Nest with Darcia Narvaez (#011)

Darcia Narvaez shares her research on neurobiology and the development of human morality, along with practical tips to create what she calls an Evolved Nest or way of raising human beings that is natural and loving.

Topics Discussed In This Episode 

  • [0:57] Daricia Narvaez’s Book on human development “Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality”

  • [02:07] Early childhood experiences and inter-generational effects 

  • [03:45] How early life experiences set us up for our “blueprint” life path and how adult healing can potentially change it

  • [07:01] The “Evolved Nest” and how to create it. 

  • [09:00] Brain development and the link to breast-feeding 

  • [13:50] How to create the individual elements of the evolved nest 

  • [16:03] Socializing children 

  • [17:24] The stages of childhood and their needs at each stage of the nest

  • [21:30] Finding and building extended family and other communities to socialize your children

  • [24:14] Human evolution and where we are now

  • [28:38] Indigenous societies and what we can learn from them 

  • [31:40] Healing practices, rituals and stories in indigenous communities 

  • [37:18]  Right and left brain development and how intellectual pressures early on can be harmful 

  • [39:41] Trying to be more connected in an academic world 

  • [41:30] Reconditioning your past 

  • [42:15] Conditional behaviors and how to change them 


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