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Yolande Norris-Clark on Family Birth Outside the System (#016)

Yolande Norris-Clark on Family Birth Outside the System (#016)

Yolande Norris-Clark, freebirth educator and coach talks about family birth outside the system. Yolande shares her 20 years of wisdom and experience in natural home births. We discuss the importance of freebirth, the common misconceptions and how we can best provide a safe, natural environment for our newborns.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [2:43] Yolande’s Journey to freebirthing 

  • [3:19] How to prepare for having a natural home birth

  • [5:52] What does a healthy natural birth look like?

  • [14:53] How to handle cultural stress as a free birther 

  • [20:57] Natural home births and how to best prepare 

  • [33:43] How we can let go and enjoy the full experience of natural child birth 

  • [43:26] Pre-birth steps within industrial hospital systems and the misconceptions of home birthing 

  • [48:47] Parenting and birthing in fear and the double standard between home birth vs. the industrial system 

  • [55:37] Working through psychological and social pressures against natural home births 

  • [1:02:30] Cutting the cord of the placenta 

  • [1:06:20] Anticipating home births and dealing with being in the moment

  • [1:08:56] Handling placenta post-birth and using placenta as supplement capsules

  • [1:21:52] Misconceptions of new born baby mucus 



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