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Adam Fletcher on Facing Adultism (#015)

Adam Fletcher on Facing Adultism (#015)

Adam Fletcher talks about adultism, and the pervasive bias the society has towards adults over the needs of children.

Adam Fletcher is the executive director of Youth and Educators Succeeding and the Free Child Institute. He is also the author of Facing Adultism. In this episode, we talk about how adulthood is socially constructed and give practical advice on what you can do to create greater engagement with your children.

This is a big topic from which you will learn a completely different way of thinking about the social issue of how we treat children.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [00:58] Introducing guest and reviewing Facing Adultism book

  • [02:52] Why adults should be the center of everything in the society

  • [07:46] Things that children do are determined by their age

  • [11:15] Danger of having responsibility without power in parenting

  • [14:34] Adults sharing power and empowering kids

  • [21:01] Linking your childhood experiences to address adultism

  • [25:46] Contemporary vs. traditional adultism roles and responsibilities

  • [30:33] Justifying adultism patterns based on the age of the child

  • [34:43] Negative adultism that is embraced in the new generation

  • [40:27] When does adultism occur?

  • [45:02] How does adultism factor into infants and babies?

  • [48:56] Impact of adultism on brain development

  • [53:38] How to deconstruct social expectations and biases

  • [58:00] Become the change you want to see in the society

  • [1:00:02] Final words and contact information


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