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Hotep Jesus on Money, Power, and Raising Strong Children (#28)

Hotep Jesus on Money, Power, and Raising Strong Children (#28)

Hotep Jesus shares his book The Patriot Report: The Conspiracy of Money and War and explores how debt and money are used to control society. We also talk about frame control, homeschooling, and much much more.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [01:23] How wealthy and powerful people think about debt

  • [02:38] How the people issuing dept can use it to gain power over different elements of society

  • [07:04] What prevents kings from taking power from merchants

  • [11:14] Why money men could not issue their currency and become their own bank

  • [16:00] About Hotep Nation

  • [19:00] The difference between trade-offs and cryptocurrency

  • [27:00] The frame control

  • [32:08] The meaning of grifters

  • [37:35] Writing processes

  • [44:16] The process of shifting the attention you get and re-inventing yourself

  • [52:56] Methods of making the trade-offs in a way that benefit you more

  • [57:56] How Hotep Nation tackles homeschooling

  • [01:05:03] The book ‘Continuum Concept.’

  • [01:08:16] Why military school?

  • [01:01:33] The intention behind Brian’s educational experiment

  • [01:13:37] What is wrong with our society now


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